HMO fire doors installation Edinburgh

Your safety is our priority!

No risks are taken with regard to fire safety. Certification in the field of fire resistance is therefore strict and highly important. This is because it provides a guarantee for the performance of fire-resistant overhead doors and, as a result, for part of your building’s fire safety. There are many forms of fire resistance, all of which have different classifications of fire resistance. MK Joinery continues to innovate and develop in this regard. As a result, we can offer you very high fire resistance classes for our fire doors.

We are able to supply and fit or retrofit a range of locks to your doors that will ensure your property is compliant with local fire regulations and thus meet the requirements of the HMO fire doors at the same time as securing your property.

Fire Doors Manufacturer and Supplier in China -KDM Steel

HMO fire doors installation Edinburgh

The consultants of MK Joinery have extensive knowledge of all fire door properties, standards, certifications, and guidelines. As a result, we can advise you extensively on all the guidelines applicable to your project as a specialized discussion partner to you.

Forward-thinking: We are a forward-thinking company, who pride ourselves in working to tight deadlines, keeping HMO fire door projects running smoothly in Edinburgh and within budget.

Compliance: At MK Joinery we believe that the health and safety of our valued clients are of paramount importance. We comply with all the regulations and relevant legislation.

Safety: we produce a quality, accurate, and appropriate risk assessment for work.

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